SolDev Validator


by @italoacasas

What is SolDev Validator?

The SolDev Validator's mission is to support developers' journey into the Solana Ecosystem by providing grants to developers who are contributing to open source or creating high-quality developer content.

Grants, How and When

The SolDev Validator will start giving grants when it reaches profitability. More information will be shared on this page about the grant process and validator profitability status soon.

How to delegate to SolDev Validator

To delegate to the SolDev Validator, you can do it directly using a wallet like Phantom and Solflare or using staking pools like Marinade and Blaze


The SolDev Validator's fees will be used to cover the server and voting costs and to pay for grants.

  • Regular: 3%
  • Jito: 5%


Our validator server is well-equipped to handle heavy loads and spam attacks that affect lesser systems.
  • Client: Jito
  • Location: Prague
  • CPU: AMD EPYC 7443P processor
  • RAM: 256 GB of RAM
  • Disk: 2 X 2 TB NVMe
  • NICs: 10 Gbit/s + 1 Gbit/s

Security & Monitoring

For security, we follow Solana's recommended practices and have strong DDOS protection from our datacenter. We also have a quick-alert monitoring system for any issues with server performance.