Solana Tech Roundup #10

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Published March 28, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This week 1.10 changes have started to wrap up, bringing QUIC even closer to release. The compute budget increase has been activated on testnet and will come to devnet next week if there are no issues. Transaction V2 is currently set to be released in 1.10, expected around end of this month.

Proposal Highlight

Transaction Scheduler based on Fee Priority


This proposal outlines how to schedule transactions based on the fee paid. Fee priority will be processed based on fee per compute unit. This new stage would go after sigverify and before the banking stage. This proposal would help out with high network congestion events, increasing the fees for hot accounts while not crowding out other transactions.

The proposal is not final and discussion is still on going! Join the discussion here!

Commit Highlights

List of Changes

March 18

March 21

March 22

-Add TPU support for transactions v2

March 23

March 24

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