Solana Tech Roundup #19

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Published May 31, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This past week there was a clock drift issue where the Clock sysvar was drifting away from the real UTC timestamp. While consensus was unaffected, applications relying on this timestamp were affected. A good overview can be found by Anatoly here.

Proposal Highlight

Bank Timestamp Correction


Topical for this week, let's review the implemented proposal on updating the clock sysvar. The clock sysvar is updated by:

  • Taking validator-provided timestamps and using a stake-weighted median to calculate the new timestamp
  • Bounding the timestamp correction to avoid deviating too far from the expected theoretical estimate

The clock sysvar is currently allowed to deviate up to 25% from the expected time since the start of the epoch. For the clock to stay in sync with the real UTC timestamp, blocks need to land within 720ms on average because of this upper bound on the deviation.

There's a lot of discussion on this implemented proposal currently in #slow-blocks-debug on the Solana Tech Discord. Be sure to check it out!

Commit Highlights

Heap can now be requested using the Compute Budget Program instead of being done in-program. The in-program method is being deprecated.

Compute Budget Instructions have been updated to have compute limit requests to avoid paying too much for compute in the future.

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