Solana Tech Roundup #22

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Published June 21, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This past week 1.10.25 went live on mainnet-beta, bringing a number of optimizations to the Solana network. QUIC is not currently enabled on mainnet-beta and is not the reason for the network being better. The many different optimizations in 1.10 has brought the network to the current state. Durable Nonce transactions were re-enabled on mainnet-beta with recent feature activations in 1.10.25.

Proposal Highlight

Diet Clients

Diet clients is a protocol for users using the Solana network to get an honest minority security guarantee for confirmations.

Usually users rely on RPC nodes to see at best the supermajority confirmed signatures. Diet clients would sample the network to understand if the minority believes that the supermajority is signing invalid blocks. The diet client can then stall confirmations for the user until they verify that the supermajority was valid or not with a full node.

This proposal is still being discussed! Join the discussion.

Commit Highlights

Release versions for features are now added to their associated feature-gate issues. This is super helpful to track features and when they're available.

Transaction signatures can now be used to track account updates when using geyser plugins. This is useful when reading large amounts of data with a Geyser-enabled backend for faster read times

List of Changes

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June 16

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