Solana Tech Roundup #30

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Published August 15, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This past week we passed the private beta stage of the Solana StackExchange. This is a huge accomplishment for the ecosystem, enabling the ability to "Google" your answers in the future. The Solana StackExchange will go live in public beta and the questions/answers will start being indexed on August 16th.

Change Highlight

New Token2022 Library

With token2022 now available in all environments, there is support found in a new version of the @solana/spl-token javascript library. As of now you can try out all of the new features except confidential transactions using version 0.3.0 or @solana/spl-token.

You don't have to make any changes to existing code if you are using 0.2.0 or older, as this update is not a breaking change. You can find tests working with the new features in the github repository.

Some cool features of using the new token2022 library include:

  • Interest bearing mints
  • Ability to close mints
  • Optional transfer fees

and much more. Try them out today using @solana/spl-token 0.3.0

Commit Highlights

More support for the upcoming addressLookupTables

Finally some secp256k docs. Check them out on github!

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