Solana Tech Roundup #34

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Published September 13, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

An upcoming feature, versioned transactions and address lookup tables, is tentatively scheduled to be activated at the end of this month. This feature bring the ability to effectively "compress" publickeys in transactions from 32 bytes to 4 bytes each allowing much higher amount of composability across accounts per transaction. This feature is incredibly excited, so make sure to watch the feature gate issue for more information.

As a reminder, if you're a developer going to Breakpoint November 4-7, make sure you apply for a discounted developer ticket.

Proposal Highlight

Fee Markets for Storage


The current imposed size limits on account data of 10mbs and 10kb for a PDA are not the best way to safeguard the cluster. This proposal outlines removing these hardcoded limits and instead auctioning off allocating space based on the current demand within a block to allocate. This is very similar today to how compute units are auctioned off within a block.

This proposal could have some massive changes to how we allocate accounts within a transaction, as well as give the ability to allocate larger accounts than exist today. The proposal is still being discussed. Join the discussion on Github!

Commit Highlights

Web3.js is getting even more support for versioned transactions ahead of the feature activation.

Explorer now truncates some data for accounts, so be on the lookout for this if you're using the explorer to debug more than 100 token accounts.

List of Changes

September 2

= New SyscallSetAccountProperties Feature

  • Set Account properties is a part of the ABIv2 design. This new call allows for all properties of transaction account changes to be updated in a single syscall

September 6

September 7

September 8

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