Solana Tech Roundup #7

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Published March 4, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

Solana 1.9 is fast approaching Mainnet-beta with Devnet and Testnet already upgraded to 1.9.9. This is a highly anticipated upgrade, with many possible features that can be game changing for developers. If you're interested in checking out these features today, you can test them out locally using local-test-validator.

Proposal Highlight

Cluster Test Framework


The goal of the cluster test framework is to be able to test any deployed cluster's stability, consensus, fault tolerance, and API stability.

All tests are provided an entrypoint and a funded keypair. Tests start with discovering available nodes. Locally, this can be configurable. This test framework allows for better testing against edge cases with validators and protecting against a future change introducing an attack vector in production.

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List of Changes:

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