Solana Tech Roundup #9

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Published March 18, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This week Mainnet-beta reached supermajority on 1.9, bringing a slew of performance improvements and features waiting to be activated. 1.10 should come shortly afterwards with QUIC, bringing even more performance improvements to Solana.

Proposal Highlight

Return Data from BPF Programs


In Solidity it is permitted to return any number of values from a function. With integrations like Solang, return data needs to be permitted on RPC, Transactions, and CPI.

This proposal unlocks the capability to return data in your transactions. Using sol_set_return_data and sol_get_return_data, you can return data to the callee of whatever instruction is executed. This return data is limited to 1024 bytes.

This was added as a part of 1.9, and is currently activated as of slot 117936008.

Commit Highlights

  • getEstimatedFees on Transactions
    • As a part of 1.9, fees are changing slightly for transactions. To get the estimated fees for a transaction, you would normally call getFeeForMessage on the JSON RPC API. This commit makes it easy to get the fees given a Transaction in web3.js.
  • Geyser Plugins
    • The community created Geyser Plugins enable you to capture transactions, blocks, and account writes in more formats than postgres now. Kafka, SQS, RabbitMQ, gRPC, and more supported!

List of Changes:

March 11

March 13

March 14

March 15

March 16

March 17


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