Solana Tech Roundup

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Published June 13, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

Durable nonce bug has a patch merged and on its way to mainnet-beta. You can track the Durable nonce patch on the associated Github issue. As highlighted in today's upcoming change, token-list is finally getting deprecated on June 20th.

Upcoming Change

Token-List Deprecation

The previous way of creating token metadata via the Github repo token-list is being deprecated. This archaic way of creating token metadata is being replaced by the use of Metaplex Fungible Token Metadata.

To create a new token, you can use tools like Strata protocol's token creator or the demo token creator project. You use the Metaplex libraries to update the metadata in the future if you have it on Arweave or another IPFS. A full technical token creation tutorial can be found on the token creator project.

Commit Highlights

This patch is a large change to the previous way of doing durable nonce transactions. Instead of tying to the chain's blockhash, a new DurableNonce type is created for the account.

All old nonce accounts will need to execute a new instruction to upgrade to use the new durable nonce domain.

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