Solana Tech Roundup #40

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Published October 25, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This past week there has been progress on offline message signing. This highly requested feature is finally merged and should be making its way to being implemented on the ledger. Be on the lookout for it!

Breakpoint starts next week! If you haven't gotten your tickets and you're a developer, make sure you apply for a discounted developer ticket.

Change Highlight

Support 2x Transaction Size

Currently the network supports transactions of size 1280 bytes, 1232 of which you can use when sending transactions. With the adoption of QUIC coming on the network the ability to double that size now becomes possible. Transaction sizes in the future could be two times or more the size of transactions today, enabling developers to do more things with their programs. You can follow the work today on Github.

Commit Highlights

List of Changes

14th October

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20th October

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