Solana Tech Roundup #28

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Published August 1, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This week testing in Testnet for QUIC has ramped up. The latest release 1.10.32 contains QUIC servers automatically enabled and is currently rolling out on mainnet-beta. Following successful testing, client activation will go forward to more testnet validators.

Proposal Highlight

Vote Subcommittees


With each additional validator more votes get added to the network, further increasing the compute load on the cluster.

Vote subcommittees is a proposal to change this. This proposal breaks down how we can have a subcommittee voting on the block without breaking consensus through a voting epoch and rotation throughout a normal epoch. Ultimately if at least 1/3+ honest nodes are present in the subcommittee the faulty nodes cannot reach finality.

This proposal is still be discussed. Join the discussion on Github!

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