Solana Tech Roundup #27

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Published July 25, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This past week we've seen more testing on QUIC in testnet, with an upcoming path to mainnet-beta. A version with QUIC disabled is making it to mainnet-beta soon. You can follow the QUIC activation on the tracking issue.

We continue to need more help on the Solana StackExchange! Make sure you create an account and upvote good answers/questions on the platform. Any help answering questions is greatly appreciated.

Feature Highlight

Transaction V2 Address Lookup Tables


Highlighting the upcoming Transactions V2 again, we're getting a number of changes that make developing on Solana easier.

With transactions v2, you can store up to 256 addresses in a single account to be used in an instruction. Each transaction can then lock up to 64 total accounts using transactions v2. Previously you could only use up to 30 addresses in 1 transaction.

Not only can you load up to 256 addresses in a transaction, but you can set "lookup tables" for commonly used accounts to compress the size of future transactions.

RPC changes include getBlock and getTransaction, which now have an optional field to allow the highest level transactions returned from each RPC call. Default field is "legacy", with v2 being "v0" in the JSON RPC API. If you do not set to "v0" and the transaction or block contains a "v0" transaction, you will receive an error.

Commit Highlights

No more than 256 accounts can be passed to a bpf program instruction after this commit

For RPC methods getBlock and getTransaction, it defaults to the lower commitment

List of Changes

July 17

July 18

July 19

July 20

July 21

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