Solana Tech Roundup #39

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Published October 18, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

The legacy BPF loader for programs will be deprecated soon. The feature is currently activated on Testnet and will be activated in the future on Devnet and Mainnet-beta. Make sure you are using the latest BPF Upgradeable Loader when deploying programs on the network.

As a reminder, if you're a developer going to Breakpoint November 4-7, make sure you apply for a discounted developer ticket.

Proposal Highlight

Unified Scheduler

There is a proposal being drafted to bring a unified scheduler to Solana to help schedule transactions based on fees paid. The scheduler brings a number of changes to how transactions are scheduled on Solana, from reducing the amount of threads scheduling the transactions to ordering via the priority fees paid.

Today leaders are gaming to pack transactions not to create idling time of blocktime instead of avoiding creating empty space of blockspace. The unified scheduler will help make it easier to blockspace to be filled instead of managing blocktime.

This proposal is still in draft! Be sure to contribute to the discussion.

Commit Highlights

List of Changes

7th October

9th October

10th October

11th October

12th October

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